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Kamis, 06 Desember 2012


One PC for a user with a monitor and keyboard with multiple users it is common, and what if we only have one computer CPU but is using it a lot.

At the moment we're working of course we do not want to be disturbed by friends or other people who also want to use a computer, well this is often later in life we​​meet our day to day, you might want to make a rental or a small cafe, with limitedfunds may be the way This can be used, hopefully this article can help you to have it or you can alternatively maximize the computers we have at home,

This article is often known as PC cloning, PC cloning to construct additional software is required betwin name which is basically the work of this softwarebetwin separate hardware devices such as VGA, keyboard and mouse for each user account on the operating system used,

With clone 1 PC into 2 pieces or more computers can save a variety of equipment to be used. On the client computer only contained Monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers (optional). Each client can perform different activities with its keyboardand mouse.

cloning system can reduce the cost of adding a computer station, which will reduce investment and operating system maintenance easier. In fact, every user can surf the internet, website access different networks through a single LAN, modem with one line only.

Cloning can use the PC operating system Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000 and Windows XP to its host, while for the station quite a few of its hardware like monitor, mouse and keyboard, which will be performed at each station owned by the host operating system and the same software as on the host.


Using excess Cloning via the USB port is

· Investment inexpensive because it uses existing computer without having to buy a new computer with the same spec.

· Performance Computer station identical to the host computer and can be used for the Multi Media (Film, Music, games, etc.).

· Security systems are high because the standard NT/2000/XP

· Installation is relatively easy and more stable performance for cloning using the Hardware.

How to install:

The first step is, make sure all the vga driver is installed, and make sure that the vga to the primary host, can be set on your motherboard bios, plug all the cables to the client 3 to the VGA port, if you use the dual head vga pci-ex you may dvi to vga converter need, when installed properly with one monitor to the onboard VGA as the host, 2 monitor to the pci-ex (dvi and vga port), and one monitor to the pci vga, try doing the test by going into display properties, in part Setting tab will pop up some monitor icon, click the monitor is not active and check extend my windows desktop onto this monitor to monitor is active and displays the display windows, do to all the monitors, so that the third monitor all active client.

After all active monitors and displays the background image windows, install usb hub, attach a usb hub, wait until usbhub were identified and there is no conflict in the windows, after ok, plug the usb mouse,, waiting to be detected and mouse do the walking trials with whether or not, after work,, install the usb hub usb keyboard,,, wait and test detected that the keyboard, do the same for two other clients. In essence one by one usb plug your device in order not to clash, and easy solution if if there is one device that does not run normally.

Check and re-group test your clone pc,, from the host, all the monitors and USB devices (keyboard, mouse) is active and all normal, then install the demo version you betwin, (essentially, make sure all your usb hardware VGA and active and ok everything before installing betwin). In installation of betwin, use the auto configuration for the client, it will automatically adjust betwin usb hardware distribution to each client, do betwin command to suppress keyboarb and mouseon each client.

Betwin will restart, if your configuration is correct, then to four (1 house, 3 clients) monitor that will display the login status of each user.

· If you have not created a user login, create a user login to the windows on your host computer, 3 user again for a third client betwin, such as User1, User2 and user3.

After the third user is created, your login user configuration in betwin, the user inputs the user to login betwin, fill and Automate login password to get into the system. Restart PChost.

If you succeed 3 client will go into windows with a user name that is different, User1, User2 and user3, for auto login host pc security admin can use the software.

After all goes well, to be safe, go to system restore windows and create a restore point. Because after the crack betwin you can not reconfigure betwin, if forced into the configuration menu betwin, then to 3 client will die, to turn it betwin software must be reinstalled and re-configure from scratch. But since you already do create a restore point, you just need to restore windows to a restore point you created, once reconfigured.

Download Betwin Here

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